A popular choice, channel letters catch the eye by standing out as they are three dimensional, away from your building. Business logos or images that complement your clients business name can be cut to design and electrically wired for effect, if desired.


Are another type of Channel Letters is one with 'open' faces. Though not actually open, the faces of these letters are clear plastic with the balance of the letters built just like Face-Lighted Channel Letters. This allows for the raw neon to be seen,


An elegant use of channel letters. Having a face lit and reverse or "halo" lit channel letters provides an extra special appearance.These letters have the illumination inside and which lights both the face and provides "halo" lighting around the lettters.These metal face letters are lighted internally.


Front & Back Illuminated Channel Letters are constructed to provide not only a front illuminated channel letter but also a reverse "halo" effect. This product can be assembled using one or two colors of illumination.

Standard2 Open1 Open Reverse2 FrontAndBackLit2